Farewell Letter

In 1991, we opened the Carriage House with a simple goal: To bring the warmth and companionship of a true Irish pub to the ever- busying of midtown Manhattan and we succeeded. In the 23 years since pouring that inaugural cocktail, the Carriage House has become a neighborhood institution, and for many friends-- a second home.

Looking past the drinks, food, laughs and music, we feel the Carriage House was always more about family. Over the past quarter centry, our local and loving group of regulars has shared personal triumphs, endured national tragedies, watched as marriages blossomed from chance encounters, and stood together to say goodbye to dear friends.

Likewise, our doors have serverd as a welcoming beacon for tens of thousands of New Yorkers and visitors alike. Whether they wanted nights to remember, or had days to forget, the Carriage House was always there, with cold drinks and warm hearts at the ready.

Sadly, on January 3, that beacon will dim for the one final last call, when the Carriage House closes it doors forever.

Many of you are likely wondering "Why?" and we share in your frustration. But, in the end, the reasons aren't important. The memories are.

It's only fitting that our final month comes during the holidays-- a time to celebrate the ones we care about most. In that spirit, we encourage all of our friends, past and present, local and distant, to join us this month to bid farewell to the Carriage House. Because you are the ones that created the memories... You are the ones that provided the laughter and the tears...

...and for the past 23 years, you are the ones that made this all possible. For that, our hats our tipped, our glasses are raised, and our hearts are full of gratitude for every last memeory. We truly can't thank you enough.

Go raibh maith agat,
Richie, Caroline and the Carriage House Family

We hope to see you all at our new location:
1085 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10022 (Between 57th & 58th streets)





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